Starlight Theatre Lighting is a Perth based company providing competitive customer focused service for the Community Arts Sector.  With 25 years of management experience within Western Australia, in addition to a range of management tools and consultancy programmes, our objective is to deliver cost effective solutions efficiently.

Providing management services, electrical installation and maintenance, building inspection, asbestos monitoring and inspection, air conditioning installation- removal and high quality stage lighting and sound systems for audiences from 50 to 10,000. This diverse portfolio of skills is delivered with enthusiasm and humour at the best price in town.

Starlight also owns the copyright to the “Friday Night Live”,  “Almost Live”,  “Statistically Speaking” and “Take 5” programmes.

Best of all we like making shows happen, so if you need technical assistance, design, rigging or best of all operation of community based shows, give us a call.

Contact Ian on 0411-232-748 or email for all enquiries and solutions.